About Baby Be Safe...

Laurie Torres purchased Baby Be Safe in 2005 after the birth of her premature twins.  One twin was born with a heart issue and so her passion for learning about “the heart” led her into becoming a Basic Life Support (BLS), CPR and First Aid Instructor.  Laurie has over 15 years of experience as an Administrator in the health care field working for hospitals, wound care centers and home care.  Laurie was determined to be a stay home mom and nurture her twins so they could thrive to be healthy young boys while have a flexible work schedule.  Today Laurie and husband Ralph are proud parents of 4 boys.  

Baby Be Safe has grown into a business that not only teaches infant/child CPR, but also teaches Adult CPR with Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), BLS for health care providers and an array of First Aid classes.  Baby Be Safe Instructors are from all walks of life that include moms, Fire Fighters, EMT’s, Nurses, and School Teachers.  All Baby Be Safe Instructors are trained and certified under American Heart Association (AHA) and some are also trained in Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI).  We all share the passion of teaching how to save a life!

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