Baby Bites

Baby Bites is a social and educational community for moms and moms-to-be in the NYC area.  We offer support groups, nanny listings, free parenting videos, and lots of events to meet other new and expectant moms like you.  Visit us at  

Baby Bodyguards

Baby Bodyguards specializes in creating safe environments for infants and toddlers, while giving parents peace of mind. Our services include in-home consultations, baby proofing and car seat installation lessons. Visit us at or (718) 332-0511

Creative Sitters

Creative Sitters is an enriching babysitting service! We focus on the use of creativity to promote learning through your child's everyday routine. We serve the NYC and Hoboken area.

Wholesale Direct First Aid Online

Purchase First Aid Kits for your home, car and diaper bag, Key Chain masks, and more. or (347) 559-4518

Tasa Center
Therapeutic and Academic Support for toddlers to young teens.  We provide a nurturing environment where your child can build, enhance, and improve skills that they will encounter every day. Visit or call 1-855-NOW-TASA

Sessions N.E.E.D.S (Nutrition, Exercise, Education & Diversity of Skills)

Taking the initiative to meet and address the needs of children on all of these fronts, battling the unhealthy tendencies in our modern society and fighting for conscious living. Visit or call (646) 361-2201